Brand Strategist

I’ve partnered with numerous brands focusing on brand and digital creation, strategy, implementation, and execution. Poke around and see if you like anything.

I’m a brand strategy guy that specializes in digital experience and attraction.

I love it because I get to inspire people to think and act differently so that they can be authentic and thrive.

Essentially, I help businesses find their purpose then create a strategy that allows them to reach their goals.

Here’s My Deal

I’m an expert at building brands and changing culture. By day, I work with numerous brands focusing on brand and digital creation, strategy, implementation, and execution. By night I have my tentacles in several start-up ventures.

I’m the perfect hybrid strategy and execution, what should we do (strategy) versus what can we do (execution).

Band Strategy


Team Leadership


Digital Experience & Attraction


Online Media


Content Producer



Guiding brands to find their ‘why” (purpose). Consumers don’t care what you do, they care why you do it. This serves as a north-star to follow for everyone in a company when deciding on initiatives.

Initiative Leader

Mentoring and guiding multiple teams from concept to implementation of integrated brand, e-commerce, digital marketing campaigns aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of leads, strengthening the customer relationship, and building the brand in order to achieve organizational growth.

Digital Strategy

Creation and leadership of the development of multiple digital marketing campaigns to drive leads, increase retention and build brand identity for short and long-term growth. Experienced in the art of digital storytelling creating tactics and encompassing them into visual elements and the customer experience.

Online Media

Skilled in eCommerce marketing areas including: SEM, PPC, SEO, affiliate, display, omni channel, third party market places (Amazon and eBay), email, blog seeding, and social.


Experienced in creating and implementing multiple e-commerce campaigns with a focus on ROI, sales growth, margin, and profit-and-loss, while cultivating the relations between brand, sales, IT, inventory, shipping, customer service, accounting, and the executive team.

Content Producer

Multi-faceted content producer. Examples include: videos, script & speech writing, podcasts, landing pages, websites, emails, presentations, mobile apps, video producing, and video directing.

My Portfolio 


Art of Scoring App


GTD Brand Launch


Easton – Brand Re-Launch


LLWS Event Digital Experience


Pay Per Click (PPC)


Easton Brand Anthem (with GoPro)



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Magento Customer Story

Having a lot of experience with this eCommerce platform the team at Magento asks us to tell our story at Easton Sports in this video.

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"If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done."

− Thomas Jefferson

"People don't care what you do they care why you do it! "

− Simon Sinek

"If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation."

− Donald Draper